7 Global Survey on the Use of Technology in Education (2022)

Discover how digital tools are used in education from teachers' perspective
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The Survey provide information on important a variety of indicators that help to understand the integration of digital tools in education during 2022.

Carried out among 6,340 teachers of all educational stages.

Throughout these 7 years, both the number of participating countries and the size of the sample have increased.

7th Survey has the approval of the Ethics Committee of the "Universidad Rey Juan Carlos" (Madrid).
We are living in a moment of changes and challenges in education, as perhaps we have not experienced in recent years.
Some insights to the use of ICT in education 2022
2 out of 3 teachers consider that the use of ICT has improved the motivation levels of the students

Areas for improvement in the digitization process:
 Teacher training
 Adaptation of the curriculum
 Device equipment
Teachers perceive a decrease in the valuation of the profession by society
9 out of 10 teachers use digital content in their classes

In Mexico and Peru they prefer to create their own digital content, in Colombia they prefer to extract it from the Internet and in Spain digital books from publishers.
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